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Muckey Landing is one year old this month, and to celebrate, Virgil and Harmon are giving away a bunch of swag from the Muckey Landing Market, Diner and Hardware Emporium. Virgil tried to keep it classy, but then Harmon threw in a bunch of redneck stuff that Dickie Butz sold ’em that he wanted to get rid of. He may not want it, but we know YOU do — click here to enter!

Welcome to Muckey Landing

Muckey Landing: population 76 and a half. It’s an odd little backwater in a lower, slower corner of the tiny state of Delaware, mostly known for being not too far from someplace you’d rather be. If by some chance you have car trouble and find yourself here — that’s how most folks find Muckey Landing, unless they were born here — be sure to stop by the Muckey Landing Market, Diner and Hardware Emporium at the corner of St. Jones and Broad, and say hi to Virgil Slatter and Harmon Truesdale. They own the place. If it’s Tuesday, try Harmon’s bologna special.

Between the Foul Odor Emergency Warnings from the chicken nugget plant, a dog that’s part chihuahua, part coon hound and smarter than both Harmon and Virgil put together, and a townful of strange locals and stranger situations, Muckey Landing is a little… off. And through it all, Harmon can’t figure out why he can never get a second date, and Virgil can’t figure out how Harmon ever gets a first one.

Muckey Landing is a podcast from Mucked Up Productions. Watch this space — it’s gonna be doing some funny shit.

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Casting Call

Remote auditions open until May 14 for one role. Check out our auditions page for all the info! muckeylanding.com/auditions-2/

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Check out Episode 4 — and Our New Doral Coffee Mug!

Episode 4, and a Doral Coffee Mug!

In our latest episode, “Blindfolds, Please,” Doral’s finding out that being the morning deejay at RMUK, the local radio station, isn’t exactly what it was cracked up to be, and Harmon’s in a panic because he just remembered Myrtle Myrkle never gave him the painting she painted of the two of them “in flagrante erecto.” Psycho Bob pops in to see Harmon, and Mabel Sprout stops by with alarming news about Myrtle’s upcoming art show down in Ditchwater. Click here to listen!

Also, we’ve got a new product available for all you Doral-lovers out there — check out this l’il beauty! Our tribute to Muckey Landing’s least-favorite receptionist features her preferred instrument of torture, the telephone. Follow the phone line around back to see what Virgil and Harmon always say after losing yet another verbal skirmish with the Insult Queen. Get yours today!

Doral Coffee Mug

Our tribute to Doral, Muckey Landing’s über-telephone operator

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