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Muckey Landing: population 76 and a half. It’s an odd little backwater in a lower, slower corner of the tiny state of Delaware, mostly known for being not too far from someplace you’d rather be. If by some chance you have car trouble and find yourself here — that’s how most folks find Muckey Landing, unless they were born here — be sure to stop by the Muckey Landing Market, Diner and Hardware Emporium at the corner of St. Jones and Broad, and say hi to Virgil Slatter and Harmon Truesdale. They own the place. If it’s Tuesday, try Harmon’s bologna special.

Between the Foul Odor Emergency Warnings from the chicken nugget plant, a dog that’s part chihuahua, part coon hound and smarter than both Harmon and Virgil put together, and a townful of strange locals and stranger situations, Muckey Landing is a little… off. And through it all, Harmon can’t figure out why he can never get a second date, and Virgil can’t figure out how Harmon ever gets a first one.

Muckey Landing is an official Gold Selection of the 2021 Hear Now Audio Fiction and Arts Festival. Watch this space — it’s gonna be doing some funny shit.



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Latest News

Congratulations to Our Winners!

We’re pleased to announce that John Dickson of Kerens, TX, is the Grand Prize winner of our First Anniversary giveaway! John will receive a Muckey Landing tote bag full of merch that Virgil bought off of Dickie Butz and can’t get rid of, like a Federal Cussin’ Commission swear jar, an autographed copy of  our first episode, “Virgil Gets a Dog,” and a bunch of other cool swag!

Runner-up prizes of other stuff we’ve got lying around go to:

  • Michael Nemeth – Palmerton, PA
  • Michael Clark – Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
  • Jeanette Hanna – Cleburne, TX
  • Sherry Abbott – Alton, VA
  • Rochelle Haynes – Chicago, IL
  • Lydia Grantz – Vandergrift, PA
  • Warren Kiser – Castlewood, Va.
  • Marcus Fry – Cedar Park, Texas
  • Debra Stangby – Rowlett, TX
  • Sandra McDonald – Stafford, Virginia

Thanks to everybody who entered, and keep listening — we’ve got more merch to give away next season!

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Muckey Landing Wins Gold!

And We’re an Official Selection of the 2021 Hear Now Festival

We were recently notified that Muckey Landing has received a Gold Award and will be honored as an official selection of the 2021 Hear Now Audio Fiction and Arts Festival! The festival takes place June 24 through 27 in Kansas City, Missouri and will be available virtually. We don’t have all the particulars yet, but we do know that over one hundred podcasts entered this year’s juried competition, so we’re pretty proud of making the cut! More info as it comes available.

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