Wanna Sound Off With Us?

We know we’re a little off – we’re quite proud of it, actually — and we’re looking for someone who will fit in with our particular brand of nuttiness to run sound during live performances. Mike and Bruce both know sound, and Mike will probably take care of most if not all sound in post, but they’re gonna be busy stinkin’ up the joint acting and stuff during live performances. They can’t do it all, people. Chris is, of course, clueless, and half-deaf to boot, so she’s no help. So that leaves you, Sound Guy or Gal. Get in touch. You know you wanna.

BTW, that is NOT our mixer board. That board belongs to some pub in England that some dude took a picture of and posted on Wiki Media, which is where we stole it from. Take this as our half-assed attempt to credit this fine work of art to No machine-readable author provided.Biggerbyfar~commonswiki assumed (based on copyright claims)” under CC BY-SA 2.5.

Posted by Chris Polo - Muckey Landing Writer/Creator/Director

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