Month: October 2019

We Have a Cast!

Above: Bruce Leister reads with Gina Shuck at auditions

We’re extremely proud to announce the cast of Muckey Landing! Working with Mike Polo as professional grouch Virgil Slatter and Bruce Leister as hapless best friend Harmon Truesdale will be:

  • Darin Dell as Aloysius, Virgil’s dog
  • Dick Pack as Chief Neville Cheefe, Chief of the Muckey Landing/Ditchwater Lesser Metropolitan Police Force
  • Cat Timko as Jenny Pilsner, the smart young police recruit working under Chief Cheefe
  • Gina Shuck as both oversexed artist Myrtle Myrkle and retired Tasty Queen manager Mabel Sprout
  • Patti Gatto as Doral Bernstein, customer service representative extraordinaire at every company in the area that needs someone to answer the phone
  • Charles Keenan as Bunny Slatter, Virgil’s former nephew, now niece, who’s also chief of the volunteer fire company
  • Kevin Smith as radio station owner Mitch Pohunk, who doesn’t give a flying f*** about the FCC. Note from C. Polo: I only used *** because this is appearing on Facebook and I don’t want a mass unfriending by everybody I knew in high school back in Texas. Mitch lets it all hang out in the podcast. Yes, living on the east coast has corrupted me. Or maybe it’s just hanging out with all these theater people.
  • Austin Topper as Newt Newberger, recent community college graduate and tongue-tied DJ at RMUK, the local radio station
  • Will McVay as traveling salesman and unlikely Lothario Dickie Butz, and also as Luke Yoder, taciturn Amish farmer
  • Claude Warnick as Uncle Yoder, Luke’s even more taciturn (and sometimes confused) uncle
  • John Hulse as Floyd Grimes, octogenarian head of the neighborhood watch out in Bucolic Estates
  • Mike Barko as Ruger Codger, late-night talk show host at RMUK
  • Jill Lewandowski as Ashley Hachache, an American Muslim limo driver who knows every kebab shop and strip club in the tri-state area
  • John Levine as Frederick Tweed, snooty restaurant owner
  • Maureen Levine as Rita Tweed, Frederick’s hot-tempered wife and restaurant co-owner

A huge thanks to everyone who auditioned for us, many of whom we’ll be calling as more characters get written and need to be voiced. Onward and upward!

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Live Auditions Begin Next Weekend!

We have 7 audition slots left for next Saturday, October 10, and just a couple of openings available on Saturday, October 19. Visit to find out how to schedule your audition or how to submit a digital audition, if you’re so inclined. You’ll also find audition monologues on that page, including three new ones that I just uploaded — more on that below. If you’d like to try out for a part but are not available on the 12th or the 19th, use the Contact Us link at to email us about the possibility of setting up a separate audition just for you.

Now, about those new audition monologues — here are the characters and a little bit about them:

Dickie Butz — Self-effacing, nerdy traveling salesman with an immense vocabulary and a sunny disposition who periodically stops by the store to sell Virgil useless/dysfunctional merchandise. Everybody in town but Harmon agrees that Dickie Butz is “the nicest guy ever.” He’s also inexplicably popular with the ladies, the main reason for Harmon’s undying hatred.

Doral Bernstein — Doral seems to work at every company Virgil ever calls on the phone. Doral is a local guy or gal, a go-getter, smart with a smart mouth. This role is not written for a specific gender, and despite the last name, Doral is decidedly NOT a New Yorker/Annie-Potts-in-Ghostbusters type.

Luke Yoder — A man of few words, Luke is a taciturn Amish farmer who drops by the Muckey Landing Market, Diner and Hardware Emporium to sell cheese and other Amish goods to Virgil. He knows the value of a buck, has no sense of humor and rarely smiles, except when he manages to fool Virgil into overpaying for his merchandise.

Coming down to the wire, and I’m excited! Remember, folks, we’re casting a podcast here, so no memorizing lines, no blocking, minimal rehearsals, and recording dates that we can set up at your convenience. Plus maybe you’ll get famous when we release the wonders of Muckey Landing onto the interwebs! I got a whole town full of people I need to cast here, so you got no damn excuse for not getting your butt to a live audition or submitting an audition online.

That is all.

Posted by Chris Polo - Muckey Landing Writer/Creator/Director in podcast