Voice Work Completed for First Two Episodes of Muckey Landing

Our homegrown sound booth has taken over the Polo family room

Hit a milestone: after getting in several recording sessions today, we’ve now completed all voice work for the first two episodes of Season 1, Virgil Gets a Dog and The Late, Late Harmon Truesdale! We’re in awe over the extremely talented actors who have come in to work with us over the last three weeks: Will McVay, Claude Warnick, Dick Pack, Gina Shuck, Charles Keenan, Jeff Bellon, Patti Gatto, Kevin Smith, Austin Topper, the amazing Darin Dell as Virgil’s dog Aloysius, who had us in stitches with an incredible panoply of doggie groans, sighs, barks and whines, and Mike Polo and Bruce Leister, who are carrying the bulk of the show as business partners and best friends Virgil Slatter and Harmon Truesdale. All of these folks are bringing our Muckey Landing characters to life in ways that I never thought possible.

Mike is actually doing triple duty as actor, sound engineer and editor, and what he’s turned out so far is incredible. There’s not a lot yet — it takes a lot of time and effort to produce just a minute or two of audio — but once he tightens things up and adds sound effects, it’s wonderful.

We’re getting very close to being able to produce an audio promo that we’ll post anywhere we can — keep an eye out for it!

Posted by Chris Polo - Muckey Landing Writer/Creator/Director