Check out Episode 4 — and Our New Doral Coffee Mug!

Episode 4, and a Doral Coffee Mug!

In our latest episode, “Blindfolds, Please,” Doral’s finding out that being the morning deejay at RMUK, the local radio station, isn’t exactly what it was cracked up to be, and Harmon’s in a panic because he just remembered Myrtle Myrkle never gave him the painting she painted of the two of them “in flagrante erecto.” Psycho Bob pops in to see Harmon, and Mabel Sprout stops by with alarming news about Myrtle’s upcoming art show down in Ditchwater. Click here to listen!

Also, we’ve got a new product available for all you Doral-lovers out there — check out this l’il beauty! Our tribute to Muckey Landing’s least-favorite receptionist features her preferred instrument of torture, the telephone. Follow the phone line around back to see what Virgil and Harmon always say after losing yet another verbal skirmish with the Insult Queen. Get yours today!

Doral Coffee Mug

Our tribute to Doral, Muckey Landing’s über-telephone operator

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