CASTING CALL: 1 Role for Trans Woman

Download this audition notice

All Muckey Landing participants are volunteers, so this is a non-paid, non-union role. We need to cast and record quickly, as we had an actor drop out unexpectedly.

How to audition:

  • Please record Bunny’s speech below using the same recording set-up you’d use if you were cast.
  • State your name and the character name at the beginning of your recording.
  • Save your best take as an mp3 file with your name and the character name as your file title, i.e., “Your_Name-Bunny_Slatter.mp3.”
  • Send your completed recording to by May 14. If you are cast, we’ll need your completed recording of the scene for this episode (9 pages with two other characters) 10 days after sending your script.
  • Email us at if you have questions.

Character: Bunny Slatter

  • Age: 20s-30s
  • Gender: Trans Woman
  • Delaware or rural Pennsylvania accent preferred
  • Recurring role

About Bunny: Chief of the volunteer fire department and Virgil Slatter’s niece, Bunny is a born-and- bred, rough-around-the-edges Muckey Landing girl. Most folks in town have known her her whole life and thought it made sense when she transitioned. She’s constantly exasperated at the lack of discipline and brains among her fire crew. Like Chief Cheefe, Muckey Landing’s local police chief, Bunny is big into conspiracy theories.

Record the following – please start with “[Your Name], Bunny Slatter”:

“Oh, those meth lab guys set up in all sorts of places, you know. Heard not too long ago about two homeless guys who set one up in the ceiling of an actual real-live Walmarts. Oh, yeah! They were cooking their meth up there just as pretty as you please, just like you and me cooking up a mess of eggs and scrapple, and the customers down below are just loadin’ up their carts with Fruit of the Looms and mouthwash and whatnot, with no clue about all the crime goin’ on right over their heads.”

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