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Congratulations to Our Winners!

We’re pleased to announce that John Dickson of Kerens, TX, is the Grand Prize winner of our First Anniversary giveaway! John will receive a Muckey Landing tote bag full of merch that Virgil bought off of Dickie Butz and can’t get rid of, like a Federal Cussin’ Commission swear jar, an autographed copy of  our first episode, “Virgil Gets a Dog,” and a bunch of other cool swag!

Runner-up prizes of other stuff we’ve got lying around go to:

  • Michael Nemeth – Palmerton, PA
  • Michael Clark – Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
  • Jeanette Hanna – Cleburne, TX
  • Sherry Abbott – Alton, VA
  • Rochelle Haynes – Chicago, IL
  • Lydia Grantz – Vandergrift, PA
  • Warren Kiser – Castlewood, Va.
  • Marcus Fry – Cedar Park, Texas
  • Debra Stangby – Rowlett, TX
  • Sandra McDonald – Stafford, Virginia

Thanks to everybody who entered, and keep listening — we’ve got more merch to give away next season!

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Muckey Landing Wins Gold!

And We’re an Official Selection of the 2021 Hear Now Festival

We were recently notified that Muckey Landing has received a Gold Award and will be honored as an official selection of the 2021 Hear Now Audio Fiction and Arts Festival! The festival takes place June 24 through 27 in Kansas City, Missouri and will be available virtually. We don’t have all the particulars yet, but we do know that over one hundred podcasts entered this year’s juried competition, so we’re pretty proud of making the cut! More info as it comes available.

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Casting Call

Remote auditions open until May 14 for one role. Check out our auditions page for all the info!

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Check out Episode 4 — and Our New Doral Coffee Mug!

Episode 4, and a Doral Coffee Mug!

In our latest episode, “Blindfolds, Please,” Doral’s finding out that being the morning deejay at RMUK, the local radio station, isn’t exactly what it was cracked up to be, and Harmon’s in a panic because he just remembered Myrtle Myrkle never gave him the painting she painted of the two of them “in flagrante erecto.” Psycho Bob pops in to see Harmon, and Mabel Sprout stops by with alarming news about Myrtle’s upcoming art show down in Ditchwater. Click here to listen!

Also, we’ve got a new product available for all you Doral-lovers out there — check out this l’il beauty! Our tribute to Muckey Landing’s least-favorite receptionist features her preferred instrument of torture, the telephone. Follow the phone line around back to see what Virgil and Harmon always say after losing yet another verbal skirmish with the Insult Queen. Get yours today!

Doral Coffee Mug

Our tribute to Doral, Muckey Landing’s über-telephone operator

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New Plans, New Episode!

Just after we launched the first two episodes of Muckey Landing last spring, the state of Delaware shut down because of the pandemic. That made it impossible to bring our actors together for the next episodes we’d planned. To keep the show going in challenging circumstances, we postponed those full-length episodes and wrote shorter bonus episodes to tide us over, using fewer actors per scene and recording in individual socially-distanced booths instead of using the large multi-person “recording tent” we started out with. Little did we know that 8 months later, we’d still be coping with the pandemic well into the foreseeable future!

Recently, we made the decision to rearrange and rewrite our full-length episodes so we could produce them in a “pandemically-responsible” way, and Harmon’s Dilemma is the first. It was actually supposed to be the fourth full-length episode of Muckey Landing; it’s now the third, and we’re very happy with how it turned out! Check out the preview below, or go straight to our Episodes + Extras page to listen to the entire episode, or fire up your favorite podcatcher and listen to it there. You might want to go back and give Virgil Gets a Dog and The Late, Late Harmon Truesdale another listen to refresh your memory!

For those of you who were wondering how the Swine Dinner mentioned in The Late, Late Harmon Truesdale turned out, remember that Muckey Landing is under the same restrictions as the rest of Delaware. Virgil and Harmon will attend the Swine Dinner as soon as restrictions are lifted and the dinner is rescheduled. In the meantime, enjoy Harmon’s Dilemma!

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New Episode and a Press Page

I’ve been a bit remiss in updating our website, but finally got with it today. We’ve got a new episode, “Blame It On the Swedes,” posted, featuring Virgil, Harmon and Mitch Pohunk, so yes, somebody besides just Virgil and Harmon! Go to the Episodes and Extras page to listen, and please leave comments!

I polled our cast members recently, and several of them are willing to come in individually to record, which I’ll schedule as soon as I can track down some Lysol to spray down the pop filters on the mics without having to pay a king’s ransom for it. (Can someone please explain how $36 for one can of Lysol is NOT price-gouging?) I’ve also put together a press kit page with a link to Craig Horleman’s terrific State News article from April, the text from the press release I’m getting ready to send out tomorrow, contact info, and downloadable photos. In that vein, to my actors — if you come in for a recording session and don’t see me with my phone in my hand taking pictures of you, shame me mercilessly! Every recording session I get so wrapped up in hearing the script come to life that I forget to take pics, and I really want to do that!

So yes, I mentioned a press release above — we’re going to try to cast our net a little wider and see if we get any nibbles. I’ll keep you posted.

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Muckey Landing in the Age of Coronavirus

So we were able to get out a trailer and 2 full episodes of our brand-new, first-ever Muckey Landing podcast that I spent 3 years writing just before COVID-19 shut down the whole country. That means we can’t bring in our cast to continue recording the 6 full-length episodes that we have waiting to be birthed. However, we’re soldiering on in spite of it all, and we’re seeing some real positive stuff that we truly didn’t expect. First off, Mike, Bruce and I decided last weekend that we’ve already exposed each other to whatever germs and shit we all have, since we live in each others pockets all the time anyway, so why not record a mini-episode to tide us over in the meantime? Secondly, Craig Horleman of the Delaware State News wrote a FANTASTIC article about us that just came out today. Enjoy both below.

Craig’s article in the State News:


Our 8-minute mini-episode:

Virgil and Harmon attempt to explain safe shopping at the Muckey Landing Market, Diner, Market and Hardware Emporium in the age of coronavirus.

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Episode 2 Now Available!

Episode 2: The Late, Late Harmon Truesdale is now available! We meet traveling salesman (and Harmon’s mortal enemy) Dickie Butz, and Virgil tries to be cheerful and consequently throws the world’s karma completely off its axis.

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Episode 1 Now Available!

Muckey Landing coffee mug

Episode 1: Virgil Gets A Dog, has been completed and uploaded to our website!

For those of you who haven’t been following along, we’re writing, recording and publishing a scripted comedy podcast about the fictional town of Muckey Landing, Delaware. Our first complete episode is now available at on the Episodes+Extras page, along with the Muckey Landing promotional trailer we posted several weeks back and the full version of Jim Rezac’s Muckey Landing theme song. This is a sneak peek at this point — it’s not available on iTunes, etc. yet (that will happen once we finish Episode 2: The Late, Late Harmon Truesdale, which has been recorded and is in post-production). Just so you know, I’d put a PG-13 on it for language.

Our website is all brand new and shiny, too, so take a look around while you’re here. If you sign up for our mailing list, we’ll let you know as soon as we drop a new episode and tell you about other important Muckey Landing stuff. We’ll also have some Muckey Landing merch available before long — the coffee mug above is an example.

Please, please, PLEASE do some things for us — go listen to our podcast, then share this post, tell all your friends, family, coworkers and random strangers to listen to our podcast, post links to it on your social media accounts, and help us spread the word. And let us know what you think by posting a comment on the Episodes+Extras page — if you post a really nice one, we might post it on our homepage!

To any Delawareans reading this, we’re the same team that brought you Delaware Unleashed way back when — we’re not gonna do that again no matter how many times you ask us, but we ARE doing this, and we think it’s even better. This is the next chapter in our comedic journey, and we’d love to have you on board. So c’mon, Delaware, REPRESENT!

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Take a Sneak Peek at Muckey Landing!

Mike has labored long and hard, and has brought forth our FIRST PROMOTIONAL TRAILER for Muckey Landing! Best of all, it features the fabulous new theme song by Jim Rezac that we CANNOT get out of our heads! Give the Muckey Landing trailer a listen here (NSFW: contains “adult” language), and hear the entire amazing theme song on Jim’s site!

Note: the web host for the current Muckey Landing website doesn’t allow audio (who knew there was such a thing?), so the trailer is on a new site. We’re in the process of moving the Muckey Landing website over there, but it’s not ready for prime time at all, so don’t go poking around expecting anything other than the trailer in there.

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