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Muckey Landing Theme Song

Theme from Muckey Landing

The whole danged thing, written and performed by the amazing and forever-infraggable Jim Rezac. For more of Jim's music, visit JimRezac.com

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OMG guys! The first episode is awesome! I especially love the music and the fact that Bruce err I mean Hamon mentioned our grandmother. Everyone did a great job. Eagerly awaiting Episode 2…

Chris Polo – Muckey Landing Writer/Creator/Director

Thanks, Nancy! Tell everyone you know to give it a listen!

Hats off to everyone ! Fantastic first episode hell what’s better than a Cheese Spirit Animal and a Chuwiener hound! Looking forward to Episode 2

Chris Polo – Muckey Landing Writer/Creator/Director

Thank you, Geri! So happy you liked it — keep listening!

Kate K’s mom! Enjoying the podcast!


AS a n immagrant to del. I’m looking forward to your impressions of SLOWER LOWER.

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