Puttin' on a podcast ain't easy, ya know. It takes time, sweat, creativity, and yes, some bucks, 'cause we don't have stuff like microphones and mixing boards just lyin' around the house. Plus we gotta feed these flippin' actors every time they show up to record. At any rate, we got expenses, so buy our stuff.

  • Muckey Landing Baseball Cap
    Muckey Landing Baseball Cap $24.10

    Looking for Muckey Landing gear, but don't want Virgil and Harmon plastered all over it? We totally understand that, which is why we've got this stylish embroidered ball cap for those with more sophisticated tastes. Although we are talking baseball caps as a fashion accoutrement here, so how sophisticated can it be? Available in a couple of other styles and various colors.

  • Muckey Landing Thermal Tumbler
    Muckey Landing Thermal Tumbler $29.95

    Virgil swears by this sucker. He calls it his sippy cup and keeps it behind the counter up by the cash register. We don't know what he fills it with, but we've noticed he seems to reach for it a lot more often on days when Harmon is being particularly annoying.

  • Muckey Landing Fridge Magnet
    Muckey Landing Fridge Magnet $4.05

    Let Virgil and Harmon silently approve every time you open the fridge to get a beer.

  • Muckey Landing Credit Card Bottle Opener
    Muckey Landing Credit Card Bottle Opener $13.75

    Virgil and Harmon wouldn't be caught dead without one of these babies in their wallets. 'Cause you never know when beer might happen. Be prepared.

  • Bologna Special Face Mask
    Bologna Special Face Mask $22.95

    Yep, it's our own Muckey Landing face mask dedicated to Harmon's favorite meat - bologna! We're not real sure why he's so fond of the stuff -- and we advise you not to spend a lot of time thinkin' about it, 'cause you probably won't like where it takes you -- but he makes sure it makes a regular appearance on the lunch counter menu. Wear this the next time you stop by for lunch and get a free slice of bologna!

  • Harmon's Lucky Muckey Playing Cards
    Harmon's Lucky Muckey Playing Cards $11.45

    Virgil's quite the poker player when it comes to skill and strategy, but Harmon has all the luck, which means he wins most of the time. Virgil refuses to play him anymore, which is why this deck is so pristine. Harmon calls these his "lucky Muckey cards" -- we're not sure if that's because he lives in Muckey Landing or because he usually has bologna juice on his fingers when he plays. Either way, maybe some of his luck will rub off on you!

  • Muckey Landing Logo Face Mask
    Muckey Landing Logo Face Mask $22.95

    You know these two never shut up, so let Virgil and Harmon do the talking for you with our official Muckey Landing facemask!

  • Federal Cussin' Commission Swear Jar
    Federal Cussin' Commission Swear Jar $15.95

    Did you know the Federal Cussin' Commission monitors the nation's airwaves and fines you a quarter if you cuss on the radio? Get you own cussin' commission jar just like the one Virgil and Harmon keep on the front counter of the store, except theirs doesn't say "Stolen from the Muckey Landing Market, Diner and Hardware Emporium" on the back. If your mother is anything like Virgil's, this make a great Mother's Day gift!

  • Muckey Landing Tote Bag
    Muckey Landing Tote Bag $17.20

    These are just like the customized tote bags Virgil bought from Dickie Butz for the Muckey Landing Market, Diner and Hardware Emporium, except everything's spelled right. You've got your grinnin' Harmon and grouchy Virgil on the front, and an ad for the store with a lot of fonts and stuff on the back.

  • Muckey Landing 2-Tone Mug
    Muckey Landing 2-Tone Mug $16.65

    Aw, look... it's Harmon's smiling face! And Virgil's scowling face! And both of them are staring right at your chin in an eerily impersonal way every time you lift 'em up to take a swig of joe or rotgut or whatever! Isn't that just what you need first thing in the morning? We hope you do, because we here at Muckey Landing are a little sick of seeing Virgil and Harmon everywhere we look, which is why we thought we'd come here and pawn these off on you. Thanks for takin' 'em off our hands -- we're gonna buy a couple of dog cookies for Aloysius when the royalty check from this sale comes in.

  • Muckey Landing Mouse Pad
    Muckey Landing Mouse Pad $12.60

    Virgil bought a bunch of these from Dickie Butz because he thought they were some sort of high-tech mouse repellent. Take this opportunity to buy one and roll your little electronic mouse butt all over Virgil's and Harmon's unsuspecting faces while you surf the web looking for lord knows what.

  • Muckey Landing Men's Shirts
    Muckey Landing Men's Shirts $25.85

    You've always wanted to be a walking billboard for the Muckey Landing Market, Diner and Hardware Emporium, haven't you? Well, now all your dreams have come true! The front features a portrait of Virgil and Harmon that looks a lot better than they do, really, which they like, so there ya go. And the back features more fonts than you can shake a stick at and absolutely screams "SOUVENIR T-SHIRT"! Tell all your friends you vacationed in beautiful Muckey Landing, Delaware, and Virgil and Harmon were so grateful they gave you this t-shirt to commemorate the event. Or maybe to get rid of you, who knows... Hey, nobody you know is ever gonna visit Muckey Landing, so lie with impunity -- nobody will ever know the difference.

  • Muckey Landing Trucker Hat
    Muckey Landing Trucker Hat $17.20

    Harmon says the only acceptable way to wear a hat is backwards, but you don't wanna take fashion advice from Harmon. Trust us on that one. Wear this hat any way you want to, and tell Harmon to keep his opinions to himself.

  • Muckey Landing Women's Shirts
    Muckey Landing Women's Shirts $25.85

    Harmon knows you ladies are just dying to wear his face on your chest, and he'd give anything to be able to oblige you in person, but we'll all have to settle for this lovely full-color portrait rolled on there with ink or magic markers or whatever they use to put pictures on shirts at the t-shirt factory. You get Virgil on here as a bonus, too, 'cause they're both stuck together in this logo. The back features an ad for the Market, Diner and Hardware Emporium using more fonts than you can shake a stick at and absolutely screams "SOUVENIR T-SHIRT"! Tell all your friends your car broke down in Muckey Landing and Harmon gave it to you to commemorate your one-night stand.

  • Muckey Landing Can Cooler
    Muckey Landing Can Cooler $7.50

    Virgil and Harmon field-tested these bad boys extensively and gave them 5 thumbs up, which tells us that Harmon probably had his shoes off and got confused again. As far as the efficiency of these particular can coolers, we can absolutely guarantee that they will hold a can of Old Milwaukee.

  • Muckey Landing Button
    Muckey Landing $3.45

    Show your love for Muckey Landing in a much more subtle way than than getting a ginormous tattoo of Virgil's and Harmon's faces on your entire upper body by opting for this standard 2-1/4" button. Or size up and wear a great big honkin' 6" button like all the cool people who listen to podcasts are doing. Clcik on through for different shapes and sizes.